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 Shattered Galaxy

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PostSubject: Shattered Galaxy   Shattered Galaxy Icon_minitimeSun Dec 12, 2010 5:17 pm

So here's where it'll be. Bios first and then we'll get on with the fun
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The Merc

The Merc

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PostSubject: Re: Shattered Galaxy   Shattered Galaxy Icon_minitimeSun Dec 12, 2010 5:42 pm

Bios how, dude? I can't fill out a bio that doesn't exist. What's supposed to be on it? You have a sign-up?
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PostSubject: Re: Shattered Galaxy   Shattered Galaxy Icon_minitimeMon Dec 13, 2010 2:29 am

Sorry, the message was intended for Fantal and Ryue, this is something I'm running for the pair of them.

Edit: Bit of background type stuff on the 181st Recon Squad's role and their home frigate. (Yes, the group name will be the 181st Recon Squad)

181st Recon Squad

The Recon Squads hold something of a special place within the Alliance military hierachy as they act partially autonomously from Alliance Command. Their remit is to investigate situations that other squads can't handle wherever they come to their attention. If this means pursuing a particular investigation beyond Alliance space then that's exactly what they'll do. While not under direct orders from command Recon Squads operate entirely independantly from the main forces, roving Alliance territory, acting to resolve problems they encounter or assisting local forces in peace keeping and police actions.

Frigate Delamar

The Delamar is a small capital ship that functions as the mobile base of the 181st Recon Squad. The vessel's roughly rectangular, with slightly sloped sides so that the top's
30 feet narrower than the base. The bridge sits about a 1/4 of the way from the rear of the ship and is shaped like a big like a squat T. The Dalamar is not capable of atmospheric flight, it was designed and built for space flight alone though it does have a complement of four drop ships, two mechs to each drop ship so that there’s always one in reserve. The Mech Bay is capable of holding and maintaining five mechs in total and has bay doors roughly in the centre of the bay's floor from which mechs or drop ships can be launched.

The Delamar is armed with a single dual rotating particle cannon on the top side, single particle cannons on either side, with 180 degree firing arc. Additionally it has a bank of 5 missile tubes running in a line either side below the bridge, 12 solid projectile cannons. 6 underneath in pairs about a third of the way along, four around the bridge, one on the front and one on the rear which are designed to act as a missile and mech defense system.

A crew of 100 staffs the Delamar and they're all human, mostly because Altaurian crewman sometimes have objections to the clandestine nature of Recon Squad work. Most of the crew don't have much to do with the 181st Recon Squad, their job is just to get them in and out again and the things the squad deals with are classified well above their pay grade. Members of the crew they would be familiar with though are Captain William Gerreint, First Engineer Julia Novus and the Comms officers Marcus Dent and Louise Gerrient. (She's the Captain's daughter)

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PostSubject: Re: Shattered Galaxy   Shattered Galaxy Icon_minitimeMon Dec 13, 2010 6:41 am

Alrighty so here's Alex, our mid to close range combat kind of guy. Someone else choose the badge for the Squad and I'll edit it into his mech's appearance.

Name: Alex Bornhold
Age: 24
Race: Human
Group: 181st Special Recon
Call-Sign: Shadow
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 120lbs
Hair Colour: Mousey Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Home Planet: Earth

Appearance and Personality

Alex is of middling height and build and has a habit of blending into the background, a legacy of his Special Ops training. When not on duty he’s actually a rather good looking guy but while out on field operations he takes pains to make himself seem more average so as to better blend into a crowd. An artful application of make-up and some prosthetics blur his high cheek bones and a liberal application of hair dye plus a soupcon of styling serve to reduce the impact of his features, leaving him as just another face in the crowd.

While on mission he’s very focused on whatever the objectives are, not letting anything stand between his and achieving the mission’s goals. He’s a consummate professional, harshly critical of himself for the slightest failings and will spend hours in the simulators endeavouring to correct them. While off duty however he’s a fairly relaxed and easy going kind of guy, always ready with a smile and a joke of some sort to put people at they're ease. He’s easy to get along with, charming to the point where people find themselves spilling their deepest secrets to him without ever quite knowing why and just has one of those characters that make people feel comfortable around him


Helmer Industries SMG 50 rounds in a clip, carries 3 spare clips
Helmer Industries 12mm Pistol – 9 Rounds to a clip, carries 2 spare clips
Combat Knife
Light body armour
Data Slate – hacking, coms etc.
Small tool kit
Com Ear bud
A set of Dog Tags - Strangely enough these don't have his name on them, but a short list of those who fell during the Grendel II Campaign. Alex never removes this, ever.


Alex was born on Earth, the child of a pair of bureaucrats, both of them from a long line of the same. His early childhood was spent on the middle levels of Bereford Tower, one of the many, many gigantic towers that serve as housing for the population. He was expected to follow in his parents’ footsteps and as such his early education was particularly focused on the skills he’d need for that life… but Alex had other ideas. He had no wish to enter the dry, dusty world of the government, slaving his entire life behind a desk. He wanted adventure from his life, a chance to get out amongst the stars and following that dream he signed on with the military on his 16th birthday.

His parents of course were outraged but young Alex really didn’t care. His attention to detail allowed him to excel in his basic training and soon gained the notice of his superiors. Following the standard tests for Mech Piloting he was assigned to the 23rd Armoured Division, one of the many mixed divisions designed for small scale operations wherever they were required. He saw action several times, most notably during the attempted occupation of Grendel II by the Skarvene in GSY 433 where he and a small recon squad managed to hold a full battalion of the Skarvene at bay through guerrilla tactics and hit and run operations, allowing time for the nearby colonial settlement to be evacuated and then reinforced. The following battle saw a heavy defeat inflicted on the Skarvene, with Alex himself notching up an impressive 13 confirmed kills. During the guerrilla actions and the battle that followed Alex lost a few good friends and has nursed something of a resentment towards the Skarvene ever since.

However his actions and the leadership ability he showed over that week earned him yet more attention from his superiors as well as those higher up in the alliance command. At the age of 21 he was promoted to the 181st Special Recon Squadron and he quickly learned to like the increased freedom it afforded him, both personally and professionally.

Pilot Stats

Strength - Average
Dexterity - Average
Constitution – Above Average

Pilot Skills

Combat Mech Pilot
Close Range Combat (Mech)
Medium Range Combat (Mech)
Medium Range Combat (Pilot)
Sensor Technician
Covert Ops Training

Mech Details and Appearance

Mech Name: Raiken
Mech Height: 35 Feet
Mech Weight: 45 tonnes
Mech Colours: Changes based on operations, Suitable camo paint with the squadron’s badge applied to the upper left chest of the mech in black
Mech Top Speed: 45 mph (Using boosters can manage speeds of 60 for a post)

The Raiken is reasonably sleek for a Medium mech, though clearly heavily armed. A long oval head with flat ends makes up its head with a set of sensors in a ring around the outside of the front end encircling a large single sensor in the centre. The body is essentially an upside triangle with the points cut off, shoulders and arms projecting from the top two and the waist and legs from the bottom one. The limbs are, like all mechs, fully articulated to match the human ones that they’re based on. The left shoulder has a missile pod mounted on it while the right has an assault cannon. Both of these are set upon revolving sections, allowing for 360 degrees of fire. A beam saber’s hilt can be seen projecting over the left shoulder while a beam rifle is magnetically attached to the hip on the right side. A smaller Gatling laser is mounted on to the right wrist, the barrel rotating fully around the arm and firing from below the hand.

Mech Weapons and Equipment

1x Shoulder Mounted Missile pod – 6 missiles in the pod plus 12 more stored in the shoulder
1x Shoulder Mounted Assault Cannon – Has a variable firing speed, maximum is 3000 rounds a minute. A rotating barrel is fed by a belt that rotates beneath the shoulder armour where 9000 rounds are stored.
1x Wrist mounted Laser Gatling Cannon – Is capable of firing 1000 rounds a minute. This is battery powered which can be recharged during normal operations of the mech through a set of dynamos
1x Beam Saber
1x Beam Rifle – 30 rounds in a clip, carries 5 clips
ECM Sensors
Sensor Suite
Enhanced Sensor Suite
Jump Jets
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PostSubject: Re: Shattered Galaxy   Shattered Galaxy Icon_minitime

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Shattered Galaxy
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