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 My Sister's Takeover

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PostSubject: My Sister's Takeover   My Sister's Takeover Icon_minitimeSun Nov 14, 2010 2:36 am

[quote="The Merc"]So I turned over the rights of the Bullet Witch thing to my sister because she's a WAY better Fantasy writer than I am and she came up with this promo AND she made ANOTHER witch story of her own design. Promos below. Thoughts?

Bullet Witch

My name's Selena. When you're an orphan, life is tough. You just don't belong anywhere. Wherever you go, you always get the feeling that the people are telling you, with their eyes, to leave. You're nothing more than an outsider without a place. When you're adopted, that's when the bliss comes. Everyone has a place. You just have to find it...But nothing lasts forever. Something always comes along, no matter how happy you are, no matter how much you belong, and that something will always take your place whether you want it to or not. That was my experience...but then again, the place I found, wasn't the place for me either. I loved my parents. They treated me as if that woman had given birth to me, herself. We all knew it was only a matter of time...

Glass shatters somewhere in the house, awakening Selena.

Happiness Can't Last Forever...

Selena suddenly hears another crashing sound, this time not glass but wood. She leaps out of bed and runs to her adopted parents' room. No one is there. The eerie glow of moonlight bounces from the bed through the window, revealing an empty matress. Selena runs back to her room and grabs the hand gun from her pine-made nightstand.

Something Will Always Come...

Selena slowly makes her way around the bend of the hallway. The kitchen is a mess. Pots and pans lie on the floor and food is scattered in every which direction. Selena hears a sound from the next room, no louder than a pen drop yet she hears it. She slowly steps toward the door, her bare feet pressing against the hardwood flooring. Peaking around the corner, she sees a gruesome sight. Her father and mother lie there in the arms of a tall, brooding min in a cape of black rags. Her rage consumes her and she shoots several times. The murderer takes each bullet but they seem to do absolutely nothing to him. He absorbs them as if he were a human sponge then picks up Selena's unconscious adopted sister. Selena attempts to shoot again. No Bullets. The man, seeing no reason to continue, leave the girl there to mourn. She drops the gun and falls to her knees before her parents' lifeless shells. A tear falls onto the gun, scattering and glistening into moonlight.

And take it...

The gun suddenly begins to shake. Selena sees this and reaches to pick it up. The second she touches it, the gun glows with a wildly colored aura, illuminating the room in a rainbow of colors. She cocks the gun then aims it. Pulling the trigger sets off the gun. The discharge causes the aura aroud it to grow wild and glow with an orange light. Selena opens the gun and stares into the chambers full of odd bullets. She'd just done something that, by all means, should have been impossible...for a human.

Yeah...I'm the Bullet Witch


Witches...People call them a lot of things; "Plague of mankind", "Devil's Advocates", whatever sounds stupid and overly dramatic, it's on that list. It's not that it isn't true. Most witches are vile creatures bent on wreaking havoc and bringing about the utmost Chaos. It's a witch hunter's job to keep them in check, right? My name's Mika. I'm a travelling Witch Hunter and make money for every wanted one I bring in, dead or alive. Is it legal? Technically no. It depends on your grasp of the word. Yeah, every kingdom has their knights who're supposed to defend against the cretins but they only stall for so long. We Witch Hunters provide a certain levarage. I more than any witch hunter, know that a witch can overpower a knight with a thought. You might ask how I know so much about witches. I've done my fair share of studying, that's for sure. But my real secret? I AM a witch.

Witch Hunter
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My Sister's Takeover
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