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 Timber Wolf chapter 1

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PostSubject: Timber Wolf chapter 1   Timber Wolf chapter 1 Icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2009 4:50 pm

Well hello guys, and girls. This is a little projection of mine still under a working title.

Sorry i just used copy and paste from a word document so the formating is wrong Mad

Please comment


A neatly stacked pile of papers had blown off the top of the desk and startled the distracted security guard who sat behind it. As he panicked his fingers thumbed over the off switch of the mini TV he had been watching. The sound of cheering fans was cut short as his fingers finally found the switch and the guards long thin neck twisted back and fourth as he looked to see who had caught him slacking on his job. His beady eyes blinked as they scanned the hall, the hall was empty.

A second gust of wind sent yet more papers to the floor, this time however the guard made a less than successful attempt to catch them. Looking up the guard finally realised the wind was coming from the main entrance that had somehow opened. He was so relieved that nobody had caught him that the thought of how a door, which can only be opened by the buttons behind his desk, could be blown open completely slipped his mind. After a half hearted attempt to restack the papers he closed the doors by pressing the button at his desk and within moments had turned his TV back on and focused on it instead of the security monitors as he was paid to do.

The roaring sound of people cheering through small underpowered speakers muffled the sigh of contempt at the guards’ performance. The sigh was made from the man that was crouched on the other side of the desk. The man now stood, showing his true height which was quite tall, easily taller than the security guard. He was dressed in a light grey trench coat and wore a hat of the same colour. Although most of his face was hidden by the trilby, his smile showed that he was leering at the guard who was still oblivious to the man's presence. The mysterious man reached over the counter and dipped his hand into a large pot of ID tags. He took his time looking at each type before taking one and pinning it to his

coat. The ID tag had three lines of text opposite a barcode. The tag read “VISITOR” in large bold letters across the top. Underneath was printed “HEAD OFFICE” in a much smaller font and below that in a font somewhere between the two in size read “INSPECTOR.” The man adjusted the tag so it was more visible, not only should it allow him to open most doors thanks to its barcode but also intimidate young employees. His mouth curved into a smile, this time the smile was sincere; however that only made it more intimidating. The guard still remained oblivious that the man had entered, even as the intruder made his way across the hall to the elevator. He opened his coat so that the badge would brush against the scanner on the wall, for a brief second the smart dark grey pinstripe suite the man wore underneath was visible before his trench coat was tightly wrapped around him again. The scanner beeped merrily seemingly satisfied that the tag said that man could enter and the elevator doors slid open. With a grunt the guard looked up, but the doors had already closed and the man had already slipped inside.

The elevator door opened and the man stepped out on to the seventh floor. He had chosen that floor as its button was the least worn, a lesson he’d learnt from previous experience; “people hide their treasures off the beaten path.” The seventh floor was mostly offices with a large corridor running through the centre. The ID tag was proving its worth as the simple minded office workers saw the badge and quickly scurried around him, as their conversations quickly shifted into stating facts and figures all of which meant nothing to the man. By the time he had travelled halfway down the corridor all the office workers had miraculously found something to do back at their desks. So the man continued his walk to the other side now surrounded by total silence. He let out a deep sigh; he was content to walk alone having never been a fan of crowds.

At the other end of the corridor there was a small waiting area with seats and a drinks machine on each side, on the wall in front of him however there were another three elevators. His back stiffened and he looked at each in turn. After a quick glance over his shoulder to make sure nobody was watching, he undid the top three buttons of his trench coat. Burying his hand inside of his coat, he quickly retrieved a rolled up sheet of blue paper, which when unravelled revealed themselves to be blueprints of the building. The blueprints showed every detail of the building on every floor; every detail, bar the third elevator.

Stuffing the blueprints back into his coat he re-buttoned it up, before walking briskly to the elevator on the left. Snatching the ID tag from its place pinned to his chest, he swiped it across the sensor for the elevator. The sensor beeped happily and the doors opened. He moved onto the centre one and did the same, just like the first the sensor beeped a cheerful tone and the doors opened. When he swiped it along the sensor for the third however, nothing happened. A broad grin spread across his face, this was what he was after.

Just then the other two elevators opened and groups of office workers slowly shuffled out into the corridor, the intruder walked to the side and sat down; he could wait. Once those groups had all filed into their offices he opened the doors of the other two elevators and sent them up to the top floor, that way nobody could suddenly come through them and disrupt him. Walking back to the remaining elevator he glanced around to check the coast was clear and drew an umbrella he had hidden down his left side. It was an ordinary black umbrella; he point blank refused to use any high-tech gadgetry in his line of work. With a quick thrust he stabbed the long metal point of the umbrella deep into the hair line gap between the two elevator doors. Stepping to one side of the umbrella and gripping it with both hands; he flexed his knees and pushed forwards, prising the doors open. Stepping forwards he peered down the elevator shaft. As he stared into the darkness his hat began to slip from his head. Just as the hat left his head he let go of the door and leaped into the darkness, grabbing the hat in mid air. Stopping his fall by gripping the thick steel cable that controls the elevator using the hooked handle of his umbrella, he descended rapidly straightening his hat as he went.

-- --

A smartly dressed businessman in a suit stood before a large steel safe door. The door to the buildings vault spanned the width of the far wall. It was hinged on one side and was locked and unlocked by a large combination lock. The man wearing the suit pushed the heavy door closed as its hinges protested loudly. Twisting the locks dial with his hand, the combination that kept the door unlocked was broken and a loud clunk noise vibrated though the room. After pulling for a moment the man seemed content that the vault was secure and made his way to the open elevator on the opposite side of the long thin room, glancing over his shoulder after almost every step.

The business man turned and stepped backwards into the elevator. His eyes remained on the safe as his arm stretched to type in the six digit code for the elevator. Only after he had entered the code did his eyes flick across to the panel of buttons he had been pressing, it was an absent minded glance just to confirm he had gotten it correct. Seeing the little green light burst into life his eyes were pulled back for a final glance at the safe, but stopped as his eyes locked upon a looming shadow coming from behind him. Fear gripped him for a moment before the urge to see what was behind him made him turn, in a sudden movement his whole body twisted around. The businessman blinked at the empty space that filled the now somehow lonely elevator. The figure that was once behind him had stepped around him so swiftly that the businessman hadn't noticed as he turned the other way. With the lift doors closing gently the waving figure that was the intruder had been blocked from view. Almost with new found distaste for the people who worked here, the intruder's waving hand slowed to a stop; as he slowly returned it to his pocket the sarcastic grin he wore turned into a snarl. The intruder’s body was stiff and rigid; it came from constantly having his muscles tense and ready to react. In a single graceful movement he turned and made his way to the waiting vault.

His eyes danced over its door as if examining the texture of the material.

The vault was of a simple design, however what it lost from originality it more than compensated for with shear size and raw strength. At a single glance the intruder knew it was more then a match for the city's less experienced thieves, but for him the vault would be child's play. Without any hesitation or contemplation he gripped the large dial with both hands and he began to turn it, stopping ever so often just long enough to hear the heavy clunk as he reached the next position in the sequence. The intruder had no problems with the lock; in fact its large size and weight only worked in his advantage as the small minute noises a lock of this style would normally make were much louder. Although its sounds were still lower then a normal heart beat he had practised diligently till he had reached his current level of perfection. With a final louder clunk, one which could be felt though the floor; the vault had been opened. Clasping its large steel handle the intruder forced the door open as its stiff and heavy hinges protested. Slipping neatly inside his smile was now finally one of simple contentment, as he had been informed the medical consultancy corporation that owned the office building was in secret performing many illegal activity's and the evidence was spread out before him. Not that he cared whether what they did was legal or not, he himself was about to perform a criminal act. On the floor leaning against one of the walls was a carefully wrapped oil painting that had clearly only just been left there. Confident that nobody would return to check upon the vault for some time, he delicately unwrapped the painting. Once it was uncovered he held it by the frame and razed it into the air. He couldn't help but lose himself in it, it was beautiful, it was breath taking, it was fake... He had been assured that the original painting would be here and although he was no painter himself he could tell it was fake.

Thieves in this area have a very complex way of doing things and had developed its own social order and unwritten rules;

In which thieves receive information of items of interest, possible clients and, of course, advice and locations of jobs by advisers. Advisers always take a percentage of any transaction they have assisted in, but can never be fully trusted as their loyalty is solely with money. However for those thieves that are among the best, advisers tend to remain loyal even when offered larger sums of money. He thought of himself as the best, although he had never made any effort to prove it. Normally thieves of higher skill would leave some kind of calling card that linked their actions to them; Doing so would increase their status among other thieves, the intruder however left no trace behind him and used no name for himself. He felt above those that felt the need to gain fame to prove their skill. The intruder’s skill was clear enough that he used only the best advisers, and it troubled him that one would make a mistake. Suddenly for the first time in a very long time the intruder felt insecure.

He had stood in the vault holding the painting for only a short time as he questioned how his adviser could have made a mistake. The only thing he was sure of is that he no longer felt safe where he was. Dropping the painting he turned and sprinted for the elevator. It had already descended from the seventh floor as it was programmed to do. Throwing himself into the elevator he punched in the six digit code he had memorized as the businessman had entered it earlier. As the doors closed and the lift began its ascent to the seventh floor, he tried to calm himself but it was no use, he still didn't feel safe. Within moments he had climbed out of the top of the moving elevator and leaped onto another that was making its way down to the first floor. As the doors opened its passenger slowly filtered out at a pace that deeply irritated the intruder. As soon as they were all out he dropped himself down into the very same entrance hall he had first made his way into the building through. He pushed his was in front of the group of slow moving office workers to the front desk where a familiar security guard was trying to quickly hide a portable TV in one of the draws. Ripping the ID tag from his chest he threw it at the security guard so it hit him in the chest, before the guard could react from the surprise, the intruder had reached the desk and was lent over it; “Anyone scored since when I entered!” the intruders voice was filled with genuine annoyance as he shouted the rhetorical question. Without waiting for a reply he reached over to the button that unlocked the doors and slammed his hand down on it. With the door open the intruder left, leaving the bewildered and terrified guard to look down on the ID tag which read “Head office” and fear for his job.

-- --

(thats about 7 pages of A4, is more needed?)
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Timber Wolf chapter 1
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