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 Looking for teachers

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PostSubject: Looking for teachers   Looking for teachers Icon_minitimeSun May 03, 2009 8:29 pm

With classrooms there needs to be teachers, and that's what I'm looking for here. I'm not asking for utter devotion, but I am asking for someone who will be able to get lessons written up and posted without humongous gaps in between, and people who would be able to assist writers who need it, at least to the degree of trying to help them understand what it is they aren't getting.

-Must be able to put together a coherent lesson, so as not to further confuse those trying to get help from it.
-Must be knowledgeable enough in writing to be able to help your students.
-Must not, absolutely must not be mean to your students. Criticism is fine, but no cruelty.

--To ask for a spot as a teacher, give me a mail with this form filled out.

-How long have you been writing for?--
-In what genera are you best at?--
-In what element are you best at? Ex; poems, short stories, character creation, world creation, etc. List all that apply.--
-How do you best learn? and how do you best teach? Ex; by hearing, by watching, by doing, by lots of study, by personifying, simplifying ((this could go on forever))--
-Place a short example of your work--

After that you'll get the title of "Teacher," and I'll set you up a sub-forum to use as your classroom, in which you'll put all of your lessons and whatever other tidbits of teachings you see fit.
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Looking for teachers
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